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After a hiatus that felt longer than expected,
BilgiMUN, the acclaimed international Model United Nations conference, is making its grand return. For avid participants, diplomatic aficionados, and global minded individuals alike, this announcement sparks excitement and anticipation.

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22-24 June 2024


Letter from the Secretariat

Esteemed Participants,

As the Secretary General and on behalf of the Secretariat and Academic Team, it is my distinct honor and privilege to welcome you to the İstanbul Bilgi University Model United Nations Conference. It’s a pleasure to host this gathering of bright minds and passionate individuals who are dedicated to engaging in diplomacy, dialogue, and debate to address the pressing issues facing our world today.

Over the exciting 3 days, we will embark on a journey of collaboration and negotiation, working together to find innovative solutions to complex global challenges. I am highly inspired by the commitment and enthusiasm that each of you brings to this conference.

This year’s agenda items will various matters, underscores the importance of unity, cooperation, and resilience in the face of adversity. As future leaders and global citizens, it is imperative that we confront these challenges head-on and strive for a more just, peaceful, and sustainable world.

Throughout the conference, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourselves in the intricacies of international relations, assuming the roles of diplomats, policymakers, and advocates. I encourage you to approach each session with an open mind, a spirit of diplomacy, and a commitment to understanding diverse perspectives.

In addition to engaging in substantive debate and negotiation, I encourage you to take full advantage of the many networking opportunities available to you. Connect with your fellow delegates, exchange ideas, and forge lasting friendships that will extend far beyond the confines of this conference.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to our devoted team for their tireless efforts in making BilgiMun’24 possible. Your hard work and commitment are truly admirable, and we are profoundly grateful for your contributions. Welcome once again to BİLGİMUN. Wishing you all a productive, enriching, and memorable experience.



Anılcan Çelikdel

Secretary General

Letter From The Directorate

Esteemed Participants,

As the Director General of BilgiMUN 2024, it is with great pleasure and profound enthusiasm that I extend to you all a warm welcome to the much-anticipated return of the Bilgi University Model United Nations Conference on behalf of the Directorate and the organization team. After a hiatus of five years, we are thrilled to reconvene, reconnect, and reignite the spark of knowledge and collaboration that has always been the hallmark of our gatherings, with an even more strengthened commitment to foster an environment where ideas can flourish and engaging debates can thrive.

Our devoted and most talented organization and academic teams have put together an amazing experience for you. In the three days you will spend in this conference you can expect to have the opportunity to discuss the crucial matters of the world with like-minded and sophisticated peers in the most vibrant and inclusive environment. Drawing from personal experience, having been in the same position as all of you, I can proudly tell you that you will be carrying the connections and memories you will make during your time here for all your life.

As we approach the days of intellectual exchange and discovery, I encourage you to engage fully, share your insights generously, and build connections that will last a lifetime. Together, let us make this conference not just a meeting of minds, but a celebration of the spirit of inquiry that drives us all.

I hereby welcome you all to the BİLGİMUN’24 Conference. Here’s to a memorable event!

Warm regards,

Elif İnci Kaçar

Director General

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